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I am a barrister who has been in practice over a decade. I focus on employment, education, and equalities issues, representing a wide variety of people and organisations, in the public and private sectors.

My work and voluntary experience drove me into politics. I cannot just stand by while this government focuses on a privileged few. I use my skills and experience representing people and promoting opportunities for everyone.

This website contains some of my contributions to debate. Agree or disagree, I hope you find them thought-provoking.


Sara's Blog
Calling for more action on equality & diversity at the Bar

I recently spoke to Middle Temple students on equality and diversity – a topic that is close to my heart. I also spoke at a Bar Standards Board (BSB) event in February discussing how to improve Race Equality at the Bar – the report from that event is now available here. At the event, I argued for the establishment of a task force and for the BSB to be more ‘activist’ in their approach to closing the gap between BAME and non-BAME barristers. Without commitment from the BSB and Bar Council, we cannot make the strides we need to achieve genuine and lasting representation for BAME barristers at the bar (and at all levels of the judiciary). This is vital to the continued health of the profession, as well as assuring we stay relevant to the people we represent.

From Corbyn to Milburn our party sees how poverty and bad schools hit social mobility – so let’s fix them together

The question preoccupying politicians and journalists seems to be the current state of Britain. All roads seem to lead to Brexit but it is not clear what that will mean for the nation in practical terms. Those eurosceptics who argue that Britain can only define itself outside of Europe offer few clues about what a modern post-Brexit Britain will look like. Unfortunately the Conservative Party’s single-minded focus on leaving the EU has eaten up the space occupied by the domestic policy agenda.

For those seeking more, the kernel of an answer is to be found in the Social Mobility Commission’s fifth State of the Nation report, chaired by Labour’s former health secretary Alan Milburn. It was published this week to little fanfare but gives a hard and unsparing look at where things are going right and what is going wrong. The detail in its pages makes David Davis’ Brexit impact reports look paltry. (more…)

Public faith in Labour rests on its response to the Westminster sex scandal

The Harvey Weinstein scandal has sent shockwaves rippling across the Atlantic and they have now reached parliament. For the first time, light is shining into the darkest corners and what we can see is, quite frankly, very ugly.

The fact that any man, let alone a minister, needs to be told that asking members of staff to buy sex toys represents sexual harassment is certainly depressing. Yet Mark Garnier, a Tory minister for international development, described the incident as “high jinks” and the “sugar t***” comment he made to his then aide as part of an “amusing conversation”.

No Mr Garnier, those comments are about as funny as Donald Trump. The crisis for the Tory party shows no signs of abating with Sir Michael Fallon resigning last week while saying vaguely that his conduct had “fallen short” in the past.

The problem is not limited to the Conservatives. (more…)