Welcome to my website.


I am a barrister who has been in practice since 2006 and I focus on employment, education, and equalities issues. I represent a wide variety of people and organisations, in the public and private sectors.

My work and voluntary experience drove me into politics and the Labour Party. I cannot just stand by while this government focuses on a privileged few, leaving austerity for the rest of us. I want to use my skills and experience representing people and promoting opportunities for everyone.

This website contains some of my contributions to political debate. Agree or disagree, I hope you find them thought-provoking.


Sara's Blog
Campaigning in the North West


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I joined the Young Fabians and Theresa Griffin MEP campaigning in three marginal seats in the North West just before Easter. Here with Nick Bent, our candidate for Warrington South.

An end to employment tribunal fees

After years of personal teeth gnashing over the disastrous policy of employment tribunal fees, it is encouraging to see that the Labour party has promised to abolish them if elected in May. In its workplace manifesto launched on 1 April Labour states unequivocally that the Tory-led government’s fee system had failed. For those of us who have been arguing against this government’s systematic dismantling of access to justice it was a real hallelujah moment.


Campaigning in Croydon

Sara canvassing Croydon March 15a






Last weekend I was in Croydon supporting the excellent Sarah Jones, our candidate in Croydon Central.