About Sara

I am a self employed barrister focusing on employment law and particularly discrimination law cases brought under the Equality Act, the last Act passed by the Labour government. I was appointed to the approved panel of barristers for the Commission for Equality and Human Rights in March 2015. Appearing in employment tribunals has strengthened my view of the importance of secure work not only to provide a steady income but also giving us a sense of self-worth.

My practise encompasses commercial work which gives me a valuable insight into the operation of companies. I am a recommended leading junior barrister in the Legal 500.

Sara Ibrahim

Sara Ibrahim

I believe strongly in the power of education and the importance of aspiration for all. Currently I serve as co-chair of the sub-committee for Social Mobility at Lincoln’s Inn as well as speaking for the Bar Standards Board and student associations about achieving greater diversity at the Bar. I was a school governor at a primary school in the London Borough of Camden 2011-2017 (where the governing body has recently been graded as outstanding by OFSTED) and has provided workshops on public speaking for the excellent charity IntoUniversity (http://intouniversity.org/) which supports young people from disadvantaged backgrounds to attain either a university place or another chosen aspiration.

I was Vice Chair of the Fabian Society 2015-2017 and was previously Chair of the Young Fabians (www.youngfabians.org.uk). Under my leadership the Young Fabians focused on the theme of intergenerational justice, the poor deal for the under 30s who face stagnant growth, lack of affordable housing and record levels of unemployment. In my view these problems must be urgently tackled with well thought out policies and targeted investment if a crisis is to be averted. My experience as a Fabian bolstered my commitment to centre left politics and evidence based policy solutions.

Focusing on the Economy

The global economic crisis highlighted the dangers of unfettered markets. Brexit reinforces my view that we must create an economy that works for everyone rather than leaving people marginalised. I believe that government should play a proactive role in rebalancing the economy and creating a fertile environment for new businesses. Regional investment is essential to ensure the development of companies and industry across the UK. This includes spending on the infrastructure that these businesses need to grow as well as improving access to credit to enable industry to develop. I believe that without economic growth people will continue to be afflicted by stagnant wages and rising living costs.


Technological changes have the potential to fundamentally recast peoples’ lives. I want the UK to be in the vanguard of these changes and ensure that advances in AI, transport, communication and medicine are harnessed to work for people in this county.

I am committed to an outward and confident looking UK that works with other countries to ensure its successes whilst retaining its own identity.